A step by step guide on how to configure mumble.

Lets go to : http://sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/ and download the file.

Next find the file you downloaded and run the installer.

Accept their terms and agreements, and continue the install

Make sure all you have selected is the Mumble Client, as the server will not be needed

And finally click install

Once the installer is done, select finish.

Now you need to go find the program and run it, you should see an audio tuning wizard pop up, here are the best settings that i’ve found.
Select next

Now change the input device drop down to your microphone. And your output device dropdown to your HEADPHONES (Please select headphones as noone wants to hear your echo)

Next you need to select your device tuning, by sliding the slider as far to the left as you can without hearing any skips in the voice.

Here you want to be able to talk softly into the mic and it moves into the green, and when youre not talking it stays in the blue.

Now it is time to set up your PTT, select the top radio button, click in the box, and then enter the key that you want to be your push to talk button.

The next page you can just use the defaults, as for most people they are fine.

Now you need to set up positional audio, just check the box “Use Headphones” and the defaults should be golden.

And finally click finish.

It’s going to ask you to set up a Certificate, as this is how mumble talks to the server and authenticates you. Just select next.

And then finish.

Now a list of servers should pop up, to connect to a new one, select “Add New…”

For label, put in anything youd like so you can remember what server is what, and for address put in the IP or the URL for the IP you are connecting to along with the port number, and then for username pick your desired username.

Select the server you want and hit connect.

Now accept the certificate if it did not match.

And you are now in.