Tar or tar ball is built into every unix system. It can create and manipulate archive files. It can even extract files from a zip, ar, cpio, shar, pax, and other archives. To tar a file you simply run the following command :
tar -cvf output.tar /dirname
In the above statement, you will be creating a tar of the directory /dirname with the name “output.tar” with the modifier flags -cvf. The modifier flags for tar ball are as follows : -c : Create a tar ball. -v : Verbose output (show the progress). -f : Output tar ball archive file name. -x : Extract all files from the archived tar. -t : Display the contents (file list) of an archive. Now to extract a tar ball is just as easy :
tar -xvf output.tar
The above command will untar ball output.tar in the current directory that you are in.